Our Roots

Maraná is a Peruvian company that produces chocolates from “Bean to Bar”.

Our craft chocolates are made with the finest selection of Peruvian cocoa beans from three different regions of Peru: Cusco, Piura and San Martin.

Each of our bars offers unique flavors and aromas that will transport you to “The Roots of Peruvian Chocolate”.

a place called peru our spirit bean to bar
A place called Peru

Where one can navigate along the great, winding rivers of the Amazon Jungle; scale snowcapped peaks in the Andes Mountains, towering over 19,000 feet above sea level; and watch the sun set into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

It is from these three natural regions that we harvest the peruvian cacao, using it to create three types of chocolate that will offer you a new way of experiencing Peru.
Our Spirit

Maraná was born from our passion for Peruvian cacao, our commitment to the people who dedicate their work and lives to this bean, and our desire to make the best chocolate possible.
For years, most of the farmers who now grow cacao found themselves limited to planting coca leaf, the only option with which they could make a living. Later, in the 1990s, a program was introduced to offer alternatives to the coca leaf, among them, cacao. Since then, these courageous farmers have become leading players in a process of tremendous change. Once they began to sow cacao on their lands, they succeeded in not only transforming their lives, but changing the direction of the entire country.
At Maraná, we value the work of our cacao farmers and seek to make a real impact on their lives and those of their families. We work with them hand-in- hand, as partners, implementing fair price policies that ensure sustainable development and sound living conditions. We also organize programs aimed at improving their harvesting and post-harvesting techniques and optimizing the quality of their products, thus allowing them to gain access to markets that offer higher prices. Their progress is our progress.
100% Organic

Maraná’s commitment also includes the environment and our customers’ health. That’s why we use 100% organic ingredients in all of our chocolates.

The result can be tasted in their fresh, intense flavor and smelled in their aromas, which transport us back to the origin of it all, the land where the world’s best cacao is grown.

Bean to Bar