Craft Chocolate Makers

In Maraná we are people like you, passionate about what we do, our roots and our essence. We came from a magical land call Perú. And this passion drives us to make the best chocolate, so you can experience the magical flavor of the Peruvian cacao.

A Place Called Perú

Where one can navigate along the great, winding rivers of the Amazon Jungle; scale snowcapped peaks in the Andes Mountains, towering over 19,000 feet above sea level; and watch the sun set into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is from these three natural regions that we harvest the peruvian cacao, using it to create three types of chocolate that will offer you a new way of experiencing Peru.

A Community With a Purpose

Maraná was born from our passion for Peruvian cacao, our commitment to the people who dedicate their work and lives to this bean, and our desire to make the best chocolate possible.

We Belive in a Better World

Our commitment also includes the environment and our customers health. That's why we use 100% organic ingredients in all of our chocolates.

The result can be tasted in their fresh, intense flavor, and smelled in their aromas, which transport us back to the origin of it all, the land where the world's best cacao is grown.

Unveil the cacao origins through our collections

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