Piura Collection

It has been elaborated with the finest Piura cocoa beans from the variety “Blanco” that are grown in the fertile valleys of Alto Piura. This chocolate, of great personality, penetrates your palate, and surprises you with unique characteristics, bringing out an indescribable experience of citrus fruity notes.



Packaging Inspiration

The watercolor paintings of Pancho Fierro, a renowned Peruvian painter who captured the lives and customs of nineteenth-century Peruvians with his immense talent and insight, are the basis for this collection. A Peruvian artist looks to Fierro’s techniques and artistic spirit to help depict scenes from the daily lives of Peruvian cacao farmers in a series of expressive watercolors.


Cusco Collection

It has been elaborated with a carefull selection of the finest Cusco native cocoa beans from the variety “Chuncho” and grown in the fertile valleys of Quillabamba. With this chocolate, we offer an intense tropical fruit flavor that will connect you with the magic of the land of the Incas.



Packaging Inspiration

Inspired by the stunning painted boards of Sarhua, a form of folk art native to the Peruvian Andes, which “narrate” family histories using images painted on long slats of wood. Each family member is depicted engaging in his/her labors, and the board is typically given as a gift from the “spiritual godfather” to the bride or groom when they get married or when the couple moves to a new home. The Cusco Collection’s packaging features boards illustrating the lives of our cacao farming families.


San Martín Collection

It has been elaborated with “Amazonian Cocoa Beans” from Tarapoto, which is one of the treasures of the Peruvian Amazon. Once you try it, you will be transported to a unique journey of aromas and fruity flavors of our Amazon. You cannot miss it.



Packaging Inspiration

The mysterious and fascinating Amazonian engravings that reflect scenes from daily life and the imaginary of the Peruvian Amazon are the source of inspiration for this collection. Gigantic boas, magical sirens, and jungle farmers who transport their cacao beans by land and by water come to life on the packaging of our San Martín Collection.